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Procedures for Claims

In accordance with the Road Haulage Association Conditions of Carriage Strict time limits for informing Wilson Bulk Transport Ltd. Of any claim are applicable.
Claims must be submitted in writing within 7 days and quantified as to exact loss within 14 days from the delivery date for any part loss or damage of any consignment.
For full loss, claim must be submitted in writing within 28 days and quantified with exact loss within 42 days of the delivery.
Claims should be sent to the following address:
Wilson Bulk Transport Ltd
5 Greencastle Street
Northern Ireland
BT34 4BH
Tel: 0044 028 4176 5764
Fax: 0044 028 4176 5764
Email: trans@wilsonbulktransport.com
All claims must be supported by the following documentation to substantiate the claim in full:
  • Completed Claim Form.
  • Copy of Cost Invoice
  • Copy of Sales Invoice
  • Confirmation of actual weight of items to be claimed for (Damage or Loss)
  • Evidence of Weight
  • Details of any salvage value.
  • If the goods are salvageable, a copy of the repair quotation / invoice is required.
  • Photos of damage (if possible).
  • Damage goods must not be disposed of without prior consent, as they may be required by the insurers for inspection
  • Claim could be rejected if the damaged goods are disposed of without prior consent.
Standards Goods in Transit Liability refers to Road Haulage Association Conditions of Carriage 2009 with a limit of liability of £1300.00 per tonne (£1.30 per Kilo).
Wilson Bulk Transport Ltd. Has increased limit of liability of £3500.00 per tonne (£3.50 per kilo).
Increased Levels of Insurance Cover are negotiable.
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