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Tanker Trailers

Tanker Trailer Transport Services

Wilson Bulk Transport operates Tanker trailers Internal/External Tank we understand the complexities of supply chain we provide to our customers is tailor made to help them with their business requirements. Our specialist logistics cater for many supply chain markets.

Typical loads carried include:
Pneumatic Discharge tanker (Ideally suited to delivering animal feeds)
Bulk Liquids (Food and non Foods)
Bulk powder products (Foods and non Foods
Bulk Gas Tankers
ISO Tanks
ADR Liquid tankers carry wide range of products
Molasses, lubricants, general chemials, nitric acid, ammonia solution and hydrogen peroxide
Bulk powder cements, Slag, glass
Vacuum Tankers
Tanks bulk Container Boxes in conjunction with self Discharge units (SDUs/Bags in Box) and
Tipping Chassis
flour to bakers,
Gas to our homes
Agricultural produce such as grains and food oils to merchants
Aggregates to concrete-producing companies
poymers used in the production of bottles and plastic drums, car parts, food packaging,
furniture, toys, CDs and laminates for flooring etc:

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